Modular Baghouse

Industrial Air and DUST

4 Modular Units in One Industrial Dust Collector

High quality and professional products are used for the production of filters and consumables in the product range. Mirac Industrial Filter is placed in the international Industrial Area for Air and Dust Filtration solutions.


Modular Baghouse

Economical, Configurable Performance for a Range of Applications

provides reliable service with easy maintenance. Computer designed inlets and deflector plates, coupled with maximized bag spacing, result in opt​imal airflow with minimal abrasion. Advanced valves, providing 50% more cleaning air, result in a more efficient operation. Over the life of the collector, no other baghouse can provide this much value.

Mirac Industrial Dust Collectors

Mirac Industrial Duct Collectors use a proprietary nanofiber technology to create a more efficient air filtration system with a smaller footprint – 50 to 70% smaller than traditional industrial dust collection systems.

High &

Dumpster Discharge for Heavy Dust Loading.

For applications with heavy dust loading, the MB has an easy to use Dumpster Discharge. This option provides either a 1.5 or 2.3 cubic meter / two or three cubic yard self-dumping dumpster that can be hauled away with the use of a forklift. The dumpster comes with a lid that seals the system so that no rotary valve is required. The lid is lifted off of the dumpster via a mechanical lift, which is included with the package.